Yaounde-Brazzaville Corridor: Last phase Execution Stands At 16 Per Cent

According to the Ministry of Public Works, overall progress is estimated at 16.4 per cent for the last phase of the construction of the Yaounde-Brazzaville corridor, Mintom-Lele section, of a distance of 67.5 km. Work already done is 42 km clearing, 29.35 km topsoil removal, 22 km earthworks and 17.78 per cent foundation. As for section 2, Lele-Ntam-Mbalam, 53 km long, the works are executed at 12.52 per cent and concerning the installation of the base polygon, the completion of the clearing work, the removal of topsoil over 32 km (out of the planned 53 km) and earthworks over 32 km. With regard to sanitation facilities, nine works have commenced out of the 83 planned. The first phase of construction of the Yaounde-Brazzaville corridor in Cameroon, Djoum-Mintom (98 km), has been provisionally approved. Since 2009, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has been committed to constructing the Yaoundé-Brazzaville corridor, measuring some 504.5 km.

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