Significant Progress Though!

Before the year 2000, the petroleum  sector in Cameroon was entirely a prerogative of multinationals. Total, Mobil,  Shell and Texaco are some of the names  of retail stations that were conspicuous.  Some were bought over by others and  new names like Oilibya, Corlay MRS  emerged erasing Shell, Mobil and Texaco. With the liberalisation of the sector  in 2000, nationals joined the sector with  First oil being the first indigenous distributor to be created. Today, a myriad of  distributors have cropped up including  Tradex which has even gone international with filling stations in some CEMAC  countries. According to the Minister  of Water and Energy, Basile Atangana  Kouna, 55 fuel distributors as at January  2017 were present in the local market  amongst which 13 are involved in domestic gas distribution as against six in  2000. Total, Oilibya, and MRS Corlay are  foreign distributors while local Cameroonian distributors such as Tradex,  Neptune, Camoco, Petrolex, Green Oil,  Bocom amongst others are competing.  The number of filling stations moved  from 287 in 2000 to 742 in 2017. The few  multinational according to statistics  control 48 per cent of market shares  while nationals control 52 per cent of  the market.

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