New Government: Economic Challenges Awaiting The Dion Ngute Team

Cameroon just like many other countries is faced with economic challenges caused by global oil and commodity prices. This situation led to high level negotiations between Cameroon and the International Monetary Fund, resulting to the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) Agreement reached in 2017. At the same  time, growing insecurity in parts of the country notably Far North, East, South West and North West Regions, have had severe repercussions on the economy.  With all of these, the government has been striving to meet up with its mission to foster economic development. The new government led by Prime Minister, Joseph Dion  Ngute, appointed on January 4, therefore has a daunting task not only to consolidate achievements but also to boost economic growth. The appointment of some new members of government in ministerial departments such as Agriculture and Rural Development, Mines, Industries and Technological Development, Small and Me dium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft, Housing and Urban Development amongst others is a clear sign that the government wants to boost these sectors which have a bearing on economic growth. Meanwhile, the President of the Republic has maintained the Ministers of Finance and his counterpart of the Economy,  Planning and Regional Development for obvious reasons. Louis Paul Motaze and Alamine Ousmane Mey respectively, master the files with the IMF and other partners and should thus follow it up to its logical conclusion for desired results. After all, President Paul Biya has placed this new seven-year mandate on the banner of  “Greater Opportunities” and has stated that the next seven years are very decisive for the country. The new government must therefore buckle down to work in order to assist the President of the Republic achieve his vision. 

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