Bitter Kola Syrup: The Magic For Stomach Disorder, Cough

Bitter kola that is widely known and eaten by many is reputed for its effective health benefits.

Organic syrups are rare in pharmacies while those produced with chemicals are easy to get. According to medics, natural pharmaceutical products are really efficient and bitter kola syrup is not exclusive. Many know the “Bitter Kola” fruit, some eat bitter kola, while others don’t like it at all. Going by its virtues and to convince all to like bitter kola products, a small and medium-sized enterprise; les Merveilles de Mimi did research and added value to it after undergoing a 5-month training seminar in Cameroon on-board the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, operated by Mercy Ships. With the programme Food for Life, the CEO of Les Merveilles de Mimi, Ngonan Ebobane Mireille, disclosed that they produced a lot of syrups ranging from garlic and ginger to bitter kola. “That of bitter kola caught my attention because of its virtues ranging from regulating all sorts of stomach disorder, to treating cough and fighting fatigue. Though still on a small scale, Ngonan Ebobane Mireille disclosed that after the product was tasted, people loved  it and confirmed its efficacy. My findings through sampling those that tested the product showed that 75 per cent liked and conf...

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