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Flourishing Road Side Fuel Business

It is evident that a roadside fuel sale is the newest business  along the streets of Bamenda today. The population of  Bamenda and its environs are fully into the business which  sustains livelihood. The fuel business, commonly called  «fungeh» has taken root away from other ventures like call  box and bread business. In effect, roadside fuel make-shift  counters are visible at virtually every 100m. It is obvious that  the tarring of the Bamenda - Ekok - Enugu corridor helps matters. The fuel, ferried from the neighbouring Nigeria is easily  transported to Bamenda on the smooth highway. A litre of  «fungeh» cost Fcfa 500 as against Fcfa 639 for super in regular  fuel stations. The business is however, not without risks because poor storage could endanger people and property.

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