FCFA 546 Million For Renovation Works

The government of Cameroon launched a call for  tenders for the renovation of some ferries in the East  Region. The tenders opened for national and international bidders according to the Ministry of Public Works,  is to upgrade the level of service of these rivers and to  restore traffic where ferries have stopped operating.  Renovation works are planned for the Ngoura ferry on  the Kadey River in the Lom and Djerem Division, the  Loupe ferryboat on the Boumba River, Boumba and  Ngoko Division and the Somalomo ferry on the Dja River  in the Haut Nyong Division all in the East Region. The  FCFA 546 million projects will include operations such  as working on the wooden decks, replacing the security  cable decks; applying anti-rusting paints on the barges;  applying marine paint to the ferries, amongst others.

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