MTN Mobile Money: More Benefits Unveiled

MTN Mobile Money, MoMo, has gone beyond sending and receiving money. During a press conference recently presided over by the Director of Mobile Money at MTN Cameroon, Alain Nono, it emerged that from FCFA 100 to FCFA 5,550, a client pays just 3 per cent as charges. Though charges increased by FCFA 20 from FCFA 5,551 to FCFA 10,050, it dropped by FCFA 100 from FCFA 10,051 to FCFA 13,550 while from FCFA 50,051 to FCFA 75,100 will cost just FCFA 1,350 according to the new tariff. During the press conference, Alain Nono also disclosed that all State’s universities except the University of Douala and that of Yaounde II use the MoMo services to pay fees and disclosed that they are working towards including the two universities while carrying out negotiations with the Ministry of Secondary Education for same purpose. With that of secondary schools, Mobile Money Director said parents will have the possibility to have information concerning their children’s performances and shortcomings. Away from education, the MoMo services is already being used to purchase in some supermarkets which has gone a long way to reduce the problem of balance especially in coins. Since MoMo is the same as having an account in the bank, the Director said in case of death, once the nextof- kin hands over the necessary documents that corresponds with what they have in their database, the money is immediately handed to him or her. It is worth of note that a MoMo account is closed after six months of inactivity and the number can be attributed to another person without encroaching into the account of the original owner. One of the biggest plans of MoMo is putting in place a system for tollgate payment after which it will go electronic.

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