Reine des Abeilles: Honey Glycerine To Correct Skin Complexion

Beat-Njikam Laboratory made it possible for the cosmetic product to reach end users.

In the days of our forefathers, honey was meant to be taken just for the fun of it and as well to be used for the preparation of some traditional medicines. As time went on, it became a supplement for sugar to many and a substitute to some and today, it is one of the organic elements with natural therapeutic properties used in the cosmetics sector and many other areas that have to do with the wellbeing of human beings. One of the laboratories that carried out research on the virtues of honey and how it can be exploited is Laboratoire Beat-Njikam also known by the name Reine des Abeilles. The General Supervisor of the said laboratory, Ngako Ghiscard Mirabeau, told CBT during a trade fair in Douala that the glycerine made with honey is a solution to all skin problems. “Its virtues range from eradicating rashes, through correcting skin colour to skin smoothening,” he stated. Though it can be mixed in body lotion before use, the unadulterated glycerine is also used exclusively to ease the disappearance of wrinkles, blemishes on both dry and oily skin. To the General Supervisor, most people come to them because they want to correct their skin complexion caused by using body lotions with powerful chemicals that destroys the skin. “We noticed that people are too attached to toxic chemical products that damage their skin and the organic glycerine, made with natural products containing nectar, is just a perfect solution to skin problems,” Ngako Ghiscard Mirabeau added. Though Laboratoire Beat-Njikam has existed for over five years, its recent product; Honey Glycerine, is yet to be savoured all over the national territory. To make the product that sell at FCFA 2,000 for 125ml content known, the enterprise answers present in all trade fairs organised in the country. Last year, the laboratory produced 70kg of the precious liquid and sold 90 per cent of the production. They want to produce in huge quantity but lack the financial means to do so. Even as they strive to satisfy customers by going round the country on promotion, they will produce enough even for neighbouring countries if they have the means. “Raw material is not a problem but modern technologies like appropriate machines is” he made known.

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