“We Have Enough Raw Material But…”

Ngako Ghiscard Mirabeau, General Supervisor Laboratoir Beat-Njikam

“We started producing glycerine with honey because we noticed that many especially young women bleach their skin with chemical products and when they come to us, it is just to find a solution for their damaged skin. Since honey is a powerful blemish and spot removal, we decided to carry out research and discovered we can produce organic glycerine from honey. We started producing just a year ago and we are marvelled with the feedback we get from our clients. The glycerine that fits both young and aging skin, and dry, oily and wrinkled skin, reinstates the skin’s initial colour and has no secondary effect on the body. Since we are still at the experimental phase, we produce in small quantity and last year, we produced 70kg of glycerine and sold 90 per cent of the produce and we are motivated to produce more due to the feedback we get. We have enough raw material but lack the necessary finance to produce in huge quantity. People who promised to help us financially don’t fulfil it and the condition to get loan is always too demanding reason why we have to go extra miles to raise capital ourselves”

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