Whizzkliff Fashion: Designer Clothing, Steadily But Surely Gaining Grounds

The success of this enterprise stems from ones love and devotion to his culture and country.

The recent upsurge of African print in the fashion industry and its culture has become the latest fashion accessory in the continent and has even become more of an identity, which evokes a sense of belonging among those adorned in it. At 22, Ngeh Clifford already has a brand name in the domain of fashion designing in Cameroon. A former medicine student who indulged in fashion designing not only says entrepreneurship is great, but that it motivates one to know some people look up to them as a source of inspiration. He maintained that, his mode seeks to elevate the Cameroonian culture by designing traditional outfits of different cultures in the country. The young entrepreneur yearns to prevent the extinction of the textile tradition in the country in particular and Africa in general using the delicate craftsmanship of the African artisans. His works include ; male and female wears, shoes, beach wears as well as accessories such as, bags, watches, belts, bangles, and household furniture like couches. In fact, he displays his know-how on anything he can possibly place ‘Ankara on’. The line is fabricated in using high quality materials in Cameroon especially from Douala and Bamenda and of course inspired by African fabrics from countries like Ghana, Congo and Nigeria. I’m inspired by traditional and contemporary African designs which are built to have a distinct style, he explained. With a workforce of ten employees who are paid in relation to their monthly output, this establishment kicked-off a year ago with a capital of FCFA 5 million. ‘‘Before now, I had been sewing at home, getting orders online and did sales on the social media platform. It’s hard to imagine, but I was building my skills inwardly’’. Two times winner of the Bamenda Fashion Designer’s Recognition Award, 2017 and 2018. He thus believes with these, he can suitably and conveniently open different shops in Douala and Yaounde, but for business to flourish as speculated he is in need of FCFA 20 million. I’m training a team in such a way that we could be displaced around the country. I want to open a branch in Yaounde and Douala. I’m considering the fact that shops in these two towns will be quite expensive and I’ll need to displace workers, pay taxes and employees. It’s quite a task. Being present in Yaoundé and Douala is a dream to me and an investment, from miles away my work attracts great people. I design for the Governor of the North West Region, so my dream is to go further and do same to ministers why not? And other top ranking personalities.

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