Yuscard : Solution To Multifaceted Transactions

The visa card permits users to carry out online payment, money transfer and currency exchange as wel

Before now, conventional banks were in control of a huge percentage of money transaction. With digital marketing now, the control of money by conventional banks has lessened. People have now resorted to having electronic purse where transactions can be done without necessarily displacing from one spot to another. Among the numerous electronic wallets that have seen the light of day, is a multifaceted card christened Yuscard.

Yuscard, produced by YusTechs is a card that permits users to carry out payment online, money transfer, currency exchange, load mobile money and other crypto currencies like bitcoins, and carryout withdrawal anytime and anywhere from Automated Teller Machine (ATM). 

As to why the creation of Yuscard, the Chief Executive Officer of YusTechs, Youssoufa, Amin, disclosed it is a solution to crypto and non-crypto currency users. Many have made enough internet money like bitcoins and wouldn’t know how to withdraw the money. With Yuscard, he said, money made from other crypto currencies like bitcoins can be converted into FCFA and collected from ATM machines. Though some people might be discouraged getting into crypto currency since it is internet money, the currency is easily converted to any other currency depending in which country one finds him/her self, he added. Crypto currency can also be bought using Yuscard. The operation is simple; the user transfers mobile money into the Yuscard, then converts it into crypto currencies like bitcoins. The card that carries out the multifunction transaction cost FCFA 15,000.

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    Doumou Louis Nono
    2months ago

    je suis très intéressé par l’opportunité et je veux plus d’infos

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    26months ago

    Commentnthanks for the info. where can one make the yuscard?

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