Services of Professionals with Just a Click

The platform geo-locates professionals taking into consideration proximity and feedback on the last job they did.


Professionals like electricians, plumbers, builders, photographers, chefs, drivers, webmasters, welders, mechanics, event planners, disc-jockey, entertainers, and technicians specialised in the repair of electronic gadgets are sometimes difficult to locate especially during odd hours and non-working days. The absence of some professional’s services just for few hours can cause irrevocable damage to a business or an event. There are moments when some users might be in need of services but don’t know how to go about it other than asking neighbours and passers-by where they can hire the services of such professionals. Walkity, a platform that works with some 149 professionals grouped into nine categories has been created to carter for the needs of users. 

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the platform, Kamla Junior, is upbeat that the platform will connect professionals and users without stress. He made known that users chose the professionals from the geo-located list based on proximity or the report of the last job the professional did. Some users to him, will prefer quality while others will think just about proximity depending on how urgent the problem has to be fixed. They provide freelance and company professionals to users. Some users might want just the services of a certified professional with serious backing (working with a company) than choosing an ordinary freelance, he said. The mobile app installed in six countries including Cameroon, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Taiwan had 250 downloads in two months with 88 per cent of the downloads in Cameroon while daily requests of professionals services range between 30 to 60 for the start.

“The mobile application has an advantage that it confirms with up to 200 languages and in addition manages the payment process since we don’t need to be physically present for any transaction to take place,” he explained. It is only after one year of using the platform that professionals pay annual subscription fee depending on the visibility on the platform. Freelancers will pay FCFA 30,000 for city visibility while companies will pay FCFA 120,000 for nationwide visibility.

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